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Topics: Special education, Resource room, Educational psychology Pages: 2 (509 words) Published: December 10, 2012
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Summary of Article

Wiener and Tardif (2004) scrutinized the social and emotional status of children with learning disabilities, or LD, in four distinctive special education placements. The four placements are In-Class Support, Resource Room, Inclusion Class, and Self-Contained Special Education Class. In-Class Support and Resource Room placements are for learning disabled students who possess mild to moderate learning disabilities, and were only used for a short period of time each school day. In-Class Support allowed the learning disabled students to be placed in general education classes for the majority of the day, but included special education teachers in the classroom to assist individual LD students. LD students placed in a Resource Room were required to be pulled out of the general education classrooms to receive special education in a separate room. The LD children placed in the Inclusion Classes spent the whole day in a general education classroom. However they received instruction from a special education teacher who works closely with each content teacher. A Self-Contained Special Education Class involves placing a student in at least half of their day in a separate special education classroom, but also was incorporated into the general education classroom on a restricted basis. At the beginning of the study researchers anticipated that children with mild to moderate learning disabilities would perform superior not only socially, but emotionally with In-Class Supports, than did those in Resource Rooms. They further concluded that students with more severe forms of learning disabilities would achieve to a higher degree in the Inclusion Classes than those in Self-Contained classrooms. The research experiment observed 117 students over a two year period in nine different schools. All of the participating learning disabled students were...
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