Spear of Destiny: A Speech

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  • Published : February 21, 2013
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Spear of Destiny
The Spear of Destiny, a mystical object passed down and rumored to possess the power to rule the world. It’s been in the hands of some of histories most famous and powerful people. But does it really contain the power to “take over the world?” Well, lets take a look.

The story of this spear goes all the way back to the days of Jesus. It’s said that this is the spear used by Longinus to check and see if Jesus was dead while he was up on the cross. After this point, the history has been murky and debatable until 1098 when the First Crusade captured the city of Antioch and a peasant named Peter Bartholomew claimed to the courts that he had a vision. He claimed the spear was buried under the cathedral of St. Anthony in Antioch. They didn’t think much of what he had said because he was known as a drunkard in the area but, as excitement started to fill the room, they permitted him to go and check if it’s there. His “vision” then turned out to be true.

The leader of the First Crusade’s next voyage, Bohemond, had the spear in the possession of the Crusaders at all times. They won all the battles they were in for the next year and, over this time, people started questioning how genuine the spear was. The questioning reached such a peak that Peter himself ordered an ordeal by fire so they made a narrow passage between two massive blazing piles of fire. Peter, wearing nothing but a tunic and holding the spear, attempted to walk the passage and was burnt to death. Not many people believed in the spear’s authenticity after that point but it was kept at Constantinople for years until it was later brought to St Peter’s in Rome.

Charlemagne and Barbarossa both had the spear during their “reigns.” Charlemagne carried the spear with him through 47 successful battles but, supposedly, he died when he dropped it during the 48th battle. Barbarossa actually had the same fate when he dropped the spear while crossing a river and drowned. Napoleon Bonaparte made...
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