Speaks Louder Than Words

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  • Published : January 4, 2013
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Actions Speak Louder Than Words

Her long Brown hair always hung in messy curls and her big green eyes were so wide and innocent. They drew people in, one person in particular: Camden Miller. Cam was a quiet kid. He wasn’t shy; he just preferred not to talk to people. He hated kids his age, in his opinion they were all just immature. Adrianna Hart was different though; she was exactly what he wanted.

They had senior English together. Everyday Cam would rush to Mrs. Kellen’s fourth period English class, grab her journal and have it waiting on her desk when she walked in. At first their exchange of words was nothing more than a “hey” or a “how was your weekend” but eventually their conversations grew. He thought about telling her how he felt, he thought about it quite often actually, but every time he came up with the same reason not to.

Actions speak louder than words.

* * * *

As Cam hurried to fourth period, he shoved through the crowds of people. He ran to the box of journals and quickly looked for Adrianna’s. Once he found it, he placed it on her desk and smiled to himself before returning to look for his.

“Thanks Cam.” He turned around and smiled at Adrianna.
“Your welcome.”
“Your such a gentlemen.” She laughed, opening up her journal and pinching open a new page.
“I guess chivalry isn’t extinct yet.” She giggled and quickly changed the subject.
“So what are your plans this weekend?”
“Nothing, yours?” I shrugged finally finding my journal.
“I’m going to the movies saturday night with some friends.”

* * * *

Camden sat patiently on the bench near the theater, checking his phone every few minutes. He wasn’t exactly sure what “night” meant but he figured it had to be soon, since it was already 8:15. As he reached into his pocket for his phone he saw a group of girls getting out of a car. He smiled to himself and removed his hand from his pocket.

“Hey Camden, what are you...
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