Speaking a Bit About My Favorite Career

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Speaking a Bit about My Favorite Career

The administration is important in all organizations that exist worldwide, from the smallest to the largest, and may be governmental or non-governmental organizations. Organizations must not only demand for raw materials but also need manpower to not only take care of the production process but also the leadership role to be assumed by the administrator. An administrator is the one who will be in charge of a group of people whom he will have to monitor to achieve objectives that are drawn within the company. Achieving this is difficult because all people are different, so the administrator must know about the behavior of these and integrate with each working group and get everyone to identify with the company doing the work becomes a pleasure not an obligation.

I chose to study business administration, mainly because I wanted a career that would give me the ability to broaden my ideas, giving me the vision to develop in a dynamic environment, and give me the skills to form my own company. The advantage of this career, in my opinion, is that it focuses your knowledge or study in a single field, and allows you to open your mind to many different ways of how to earn good money. As an administrator, I intend to become a versatile person, and be able to perform as well as in business administration and in which any other career related. Careers related to business administration are:

* Business Management
* Marketing
* Finance
* Accounting
* Economics
* Foreign Trade
* Banking
* Computer Information System
* Insurance
* Retailing
* Early Childhood Education

After I finish the two years of study at RCC, I would like to finish my studies at UMass Boston College of Management.
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