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  • Published : November 30, 2012
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A: When you meet someone for the first time? What can you do to make impression?

B: I think you should have an attractive appearance such as well-dressed, neat and clean.

A: Oh, yes. In addition I think you should to be always a happy smile on your lips

B: That's right! So what should you avoid doing to make a good impression?

A: You avoid coming late, talking too much or too loudly, interrupting others

B: I see. Have you ever made a bad first impression? What happend?

A: Yes. I have. It was the first time I had met my best friend. I asked many questions which made she couldn't answer all of my questions. But I realized that and changed. So we have been friend until now. And you? Has anyone ever made a bad impression on you?

B: Yes, of course. i met an old friend in a birthday party, but while we were talking together, she talked and laughed too loudly so it made everyone irritate. And i was ashamed.

A: So in your opinion. what question should you avoid when you first met someone?

B: Uhm, for example: How old are you, what salary do you get...So what question can you ask to break the ice when you first meet someone?

A: I think you should ask about weather, time..

B: What questions are inapporiate to ask someone?

A: may be personal questions.


A: What kind of food do you like?

B: I like fresh food, green vegetables including apple, orange, mango, carrot because it's good for health and make me have a nice skin. How about u?

A: I really like snack food. It's so decilious. It provide energy for the body when i feel hungry.

B: Oh, i see. Do you like beverage?

A: Yes, i love all kind of beverage but alcoholic beverages. It makes me drunk, tired and lose control. I'm so hungry now. Can you cook?

B: Oh yes. I can cook omelet with vegetable very well. I will cook it for you.

A: That's sound interesting. How to cook it?

B: First crack the eggs in a bowl and beat it with vegetables, salt, pepper until combined. Then drop the mixture onto a heat oil pan. Wait until the eggs are almost set. Flip and hit. Remove from pan when cooked through

A: Oh. It's so simple.t

B: Right. DO you usually go out to eat? And what's restaurat do you like ?

ghÉP bài củaT.trang vÀO


A: What is the best job you have ever had?

B: I have ever had a part time job as a tutor for a younger student. This job 've made me not only get and master knowledge but also more mature and self- confident as I work.

A: Oh, that's sound interesting. Lucky you. My job is a waitress. I had to met many kinds of people. But some of them are rude, impoliteand fastidious. So i l left this job after 1 month .

B: I see.

A: How about your family? What do they do?

B: My father is..., my mother is.. and....who in your family has the most interesting job?

A: My father has the most interesting job. He is a doctor. He has a oppotunity to take care and help others and make a difference to the life of many people. So what job benefits are import to you?

B: I think it help us have experience, skills, income, relationship and fun. Do you think of the job you 'll have in the next five years?

A: I want to a manager.

ChÁN quá k nghĩ đc gì nưax rôif


A: Hello B.What are you doing?

B: Hi A.I’m playing video game.

A: Oh.That’s sound interesting! I have an essay about some leisure activities in the free time.Can you help me?

B: Yes.I can Let’s start

A: What are some indoor leisure activities?

B: I often join in some indoor leisure activities : go picnic,play sport with someone or team such as football,volleyball,basketball,go to the cinema,go shopping with the friends….

About some outdoor leisure activities?

A: Oh , I usually want to make some outdoor activities because i rarely go out.I like to karaoke in house,play video games,play cards,chess,read comic books,watch TV….

B:So could you tell me about your bestfriend’s hobbies...
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