Speaking: Learning and Following Reasons

Topics: Learning, Education, Study skills Pages: 10 (3365 words) Published: March 13, 2013
Topic 1: Some students prefer to study alone. Others prefer to study with a group of students. Which do you prefer?

Some people like to study alone, while others like to study with a group. Personally, I can see that it can be very helpful to study with other students. I mean, there are some advantages. for instance, you can exchange information with other students. so can expand one’s ho'rizon(ai). Besides, you can consider problems from different perspectives to point out things you don't have or miss and make your work clearly. Furthermore, studying in group can help build teamwork consciousness. However, I actually prefer studying alone because some of the following reasons.

Firstly, it is dependence. It is helpless if I am in group that doesn't study seriously. Many members in group tend to talk or chat(E) with each other about other things, not their project or task. Some tend to do nothing. They confide a task to dominant or good students. And I will be angry enough to begin to quarrel with them. That will certainly lead to a bad friendship and will not complete a task.

Secondly, it is interference. I hate it. It constantly distracts me from thinking. I really enjoy peaceful surrounding. Without disturb I can concentrate on study subject, can understand the knowledge better and can remember the knowledge better. I can't stand the way other people drone beside my ears like bees when I am studying. Only studying alone can provide me quiet space.

Thirdly, I actually love freedom and don't want to be criticized. Many people have their own study styles. Some want to have something to eat, some want to lie down with a book in their hand. For me, I prefer leaning against the wall when i am studying. And I know that this thing can make others uncomfortable. When i study alone, I can take my favorite way and needn't regard what others feel.

Finally, I am a very social person. This is my biggest seriously problem and that is reason why I can't take part in group working. When I'm with other people, I want to play. I don't want to work. In the contrast, studying alone helps me establish the independent character. When I face some questions hard to solve, and there is no other students around me, I have to think of the questions hard and try my best to solve them.

In conclusion, despite there are some minor drawbacks compared with studying in group but I still believe that studying alone is my best choice. In my opinion whether you study alone or in a group depends a lot on your own study habits and on your personality.

Topic 2: It is more important for students to study history and literature than it is for them to study science and mathematics. Do you agree or disagree with this statement?

I strongly don't agree with this statement. We should balance between studying history and literature and studying science and mathematics. It is the best choice to have general knowledge because each field has its own importance on our lives.

Maths and science, history and literature are two aspects integral or indispensable to our living. Maths and science study the form, the physical shape and its laws, but history and literature fulfill this form with the human soul and make us not be getting a robot. Maths and science have the strict rule not comfortable for us, but its subjects are definitely crucial to our development not only in economy field but also in agriculture, medicine, astronomy and politic. We can't discover the space if we didn't have astronomy. we can't found cures for dangerous diseases if we didn't have medicine. Our life relies great deal on those subjects, so they are greatly vital to us. History and literature shapes the human soul and fertilize our inner world that has so many faces, so many aspects and interpretations to all things. Many aspects of our lives need to be treated by literature. When we're tired and we can want to take a nice romantic book to read. They...
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