Speaking in Tongues

Topics: Religion, Human, Holy Spirit Pages: 2 (561 words) Published: November 4, 2010
Speaking in Tongues

Maurya Simon elaborates on the present day human beings cold disconnect from reality in relation to those who were connected in the past. The people of today people are mute, invisible scribes to history, to ourselves, and to each other. We are mindless zombies with no appreciation for nature or each other, only ourselves. We are selfish, we throw ourselves into our blackberry's and iPhone's into our own digital dimension where all attention is focused solely on us where nothing else is important. With this kind of selfish mentality how can we preserve the greatness of our history when everyone is focused on making their own.

Simon wants us to be reborn into people such as Adam, Eve, or Gilgamesh. Their ancient stories of defeat and triumph have been transcended and retold for centuries to serve as a model for humans to replicate. Simon is writing this poem because we need to retrace our steps and go back to a place where people acted like Adam, Eve, Gilgamesh, and Noah. Simon believes "we obey oblivion's drowsy enticements because we may so effortlessly close the pages of the past". She is commenting on human laziness and selfishness. We will listen only to the point where we think we have gotten all we can out of it and the moment we reach this realization we shut the door on everything else because we have acquired the bare minimum. We barely listen to these elaborate mythological stories, expect them to instantly change our life, but then we do not create any mythological stories of our own that can be retold and passed down. We are not creating history, we are merely relocking in the history created by those who came before us.

In addition Simon elaborates on the importance of God's word and how it was spoken versus how it is spoken today. God's word used to be highly exalted. It was written down, recorded, and retold to anyone who listen, those who chose not to were forced anyway. So the mythological stories...
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