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Chapter 1
Language testing and teaching can be regarded as twins-they are so closely interrelated that it’s impossible to work in either field without the other one. Language testing can serve to check the achievements of language teaching and at the same time it can exert some wash back effects on teaching, which may be conducive to language teaching or do harm to it. The relationship between oral English testing and teaching is also the same case. The aim of oral English teaching is to enable the students to obtain the flexible communicative abilities and to deal with all kinds of circumstances involved in using oral English. Oral English testing is a scientific measuring tool. On one hand, it can give the students an objective, accurate and justice judgment of their oral English abilities and on the other hand it can check the effect of oral English teaching and provide the teachers with feedback information, acting as a commanding baton for language teaching.

The skill of reading and writing in a language is not enough for any person. When, we are talking about our mother tongue we learn the speaking spontaneously, but when we are talking about any foreign language the speaking skill has to be earned by practice. Since English is a foreign language, not our mothers tongue. It is difficult for all learns to learn this language perfectly. I think CLT is such an approach that is making the students enthusiastic in learning Speaking English because of its participatory and interacting manner. If English is taught in an easy way by using CLT method, students will be able to learn English more efficiently. In this way Speaking English language will be taught by practicing basic structures in meaningful situation-based activities in the class room. The students of Bangladesh in JSC level are not attentive on speaking because the present situation of question paper in JSC level do not follow proper way. In our education system only two skills are followed, speaking and listening skill are absence here. 1.1. What is test?

Tests are procedures for measuring ability, knowledge, or performance. 1.2. What is testing?
Testing is the use of tests, or the study of the theory and practice of their use development, evaluation, etc. Even before we can begin to plan a language test must establish the purpose or function. Language test have any uses in educational programs and quite often the same test will be used for two or more related purposes. 1.3. Objectives

I am going to investigate JSC Question Paper. The main aim of my research is how can be tested oral proficiency in the reference of JSC Question Paper. I try to finding out some Learning Strategies and Methods of testing speaking skill for JSC students. In my research I

have given a process for speaking skill development. By following this process students can easily develop their speaking skill. 1.4. Why (JSC)?
JSC means Junior Certificate Examination. JSC is an early stage of secondary level. If we start the speaking development system in this level, students will be more active in the next levels. It is not possible to develop speaking skill in the higher lever. So JSC level is appropriate for developing speaking skill. This is the reason that I have selected JSC level students. 1.5. Why it is important

Speaking is the productive oral skill. As a skill that enables us to produce utterances, when genuinely communicative, speaking is desire – and purpose-drive, in other words we genuinely want to communicate something to achieve a particular end. This may involve expressing ideas and opinions; solving a particular problem; or establishing and maintaining social relationships and friendships (McDonough and Christopher Shaw. 1988). It consists of producing systematic verbal cutter acnes convey meaning. Teaching speaking is sometime considering a simple process, if we have enough knowledge about speaking fluency, our language competency on English...
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