Speaking Difficulties of Students

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  • Published: November 28, 2011
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The fact that English is one of the most important keys that open the road of success in every area of life and it is the only language that truly links the world together can not be denied by anyone. That is why today English is taught as a foreign language in most of the countries and new research is being conducted for better learning and teaching in E.L.T. every day. However, there is no doubt that learning another language is challenging, especially if you do not live in the country where the language is in daily use and you are not exposed to it on a daily basis. Hence, there are some complaints from both students and teachers. No matter how much they understand the lesson, students claim that they can neither use what is taught in real context nor in the classrooms. On the other hand, teachers protest that they do teach nearly all necessary elements of English but they can not manage to make students speak fluently, either there is a problem on the teachers or on the students or on the methods. Speaking has always been a creative and complex process among the other skills for the language learners. Speaking English fluently and accurately and communicating orally in target language is always a grand task for foreign language learners since effective oral communication requires the ability to use the language appropriately in social interactions (Shumin, 1997, p. 8). Also many other researchers point at the same problem like Khan (1998), who states in his study that many studies in this field strongly suggest that good language learners employ a variety of strategies to improve their communicative ability. And speaking strategies are one of the most important aspects in dealing with communication skills as they enhance learners' confidence and fluency. However, there are some important factors affecting the students’ learning how to speak. As Shumin (1997) claims in his study that learning to speak a foreign language means more that than...
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