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Why is it difficult to decide how many speakers of English there are around the world today? Introduction
A language is a socio-cultural aspect of any given society. It is important to note that languages tend to evolve thereby making it impossible to establish their evolutionary paths and developments. As a result, there have been enormous challenges in the attempt to establish the historical path of such languages. With English language, the situation becomes even worse simply because it is widely spoken across the globe. With the introduction of colonialism across the globe, the language was promoted in different societies thereby becoming a critical part of global communication. This essay seeks to establish why it has become very difficult to decide how many speakers of English we have in the world today. Deciding the Number of English Speakers Today

English is the language spoken by many people internationally. It is the means of communication for different people across the work. This has helped to remove the cultural aspects and foundations of the language as established in England where it originated (Seargeant & Swann, 2012, p. 3). According to different scholars, the use of the world ‘English’ seems misplaced because it does not significantly offer the root where it originated. However, this is never a major challenge. The main challenge arises from the need and idea to define who ought to be an original English speaker, and to what level that individual can be considered a native speaker (Crystal, 2003, p. 49). The first approach to achieve this is to have a clear understanding that a language is a living entity and will significantly change over time. This means that English language has been changing over the years. In an attempt to disseminate the original speaker, there will definitely be various obstacles making it impossible to realize the challenges faced (Seargeant & Swann, 2012, p. 6). According to Chomsky, the first approach entails the...
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