Speaker Observation Paper

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  • Published : May 14, 2011
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Speaker Observation Paper
On Monday April 18th the Dublin Library, in celebration of Earth Day, hosted environmental educator, activist, and author Dr. Linda Riebel. In her presentation she introduced the new edition of her book; The Earth Friendly Food Chain under the new title; The Green Foodprint. Her topic was on food choices for healthy people and a healthy planet. The purpose of her speech was to show how anyone-of any lifestyle-can become an earth friendly eater. The presentation was held in a small room in the Library and the audience turnout was surprisingly minimal. There were a total of four adults that attended. Despite the partially empty room, the speaker was able captivate the audience instantly by opening with a personal experience story about how a Safari trip to Africa ultimately changed her life and as a result she became vegetarian. Dr. Riebel began her speech by proclaiming, with enthusiasm, that the “Food Movement” has started. In the introduction of her speech she reveals her credibility on the subject. Dr. Linda Riebel is not only a vegetarian, but she also is a Psychologist, Eating Disorder Specialist, and Author of the acclaimed book, Eating to Save the Earth: Food Choices for a Healing Planet. She emphasizes that her speech would not dwell on the bad and negative but rather, focus on the solutions. The solution, she previewed, is already in movement; organic food, local food, meatless options and family farms. At her conclusion she reaffirms that what’s good for the planet and it’s creatures is also good for humans. She concludes by reiterating the good and positive, in that people are moving in the right direction. To further her message, she left the audience with information on where to find local farms, stores, restaurants, and more, for healthy sustainable foods. She pointed out the benefit of having a diverse system of agriculture that takes advantage of our local area's resources, tradition, and taste. Also, she was proud to...
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