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  • Published: February 18, 2014
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By Noah Faye Andres

How does “flip-top or modern balagtasan” affect young people’s way of expressing their feelings through speaking? Thesis Statement: Modernized “debate” or balagtasan or now known as flip top has motivated youngsters to communicate themselves to others articulately and creatively. Introduction

It is not surprising to know that Flip Top rap battle was and is continuing to become viral not only in the social media but it also becomes a “syndrome” to the Filipino fanatics particularly youngsters yesterday and today (Yap, 2012 ). But what is really a Flip Top rap battle? And what makes it so attractive among young people? These and other intriguing questions about Flip Top rap battle will be discussed in this paper. As we go on, let’s bear in mind that there are only 2 goals this paper would want to achieve. First is mainly to inform. If you started to search Flip Top on web, watch some videos, read magazines related to this, and think some “pangbanat” while facing the mirror-this paper’s second goal is achieved: to plant a seed of interest and love to Flip Top within you. So, let the battle begin!

Flip Top: What is it?
Flip Top (Filipino Rap Battle League) is defined in many ways. According to Alaric Yuson – more popularly known as “Anygma”, son of poet and writer, Krip Yuson founded Flip Top in the Philippines– “Fliptop is a rap battle league that puts two people in a match to have bthem insult each other with the cleverest punch lines and sharpest rhymes”. Some would say that Flip Top is “tila pagsama-samang pagkanta, debate at balagtasan” (Crespo, 2011) Nevertheless, whatever meaning they would give, the fact remains that Flip Top is a battle of mind through an exchange of rhythmic and clever lines delivered in an impressive tongue-twisting manner (Yap, 2012 )

Is Flip Top the modern Balagtasan? How is it done?
But considering the opinion that Flip Top is somewhat a modernized form of balagtasan, let’s...
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