Speak Writing Assignment

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Throughout the book Speak Melinda had many topics in each of her many passages. These passages help us find out what type of a person Melinda is and what her character is all about. The entire book is narrated by Melinda. In the beginning we find out that she busted a party by calling the cops during the summer right before high school. Everyone thought she was a rat. Little do we know is that she never spoken up that at the party Andy Evans raped Melinda. During her freshman year nobody likes her and she had no friends. We do not understand anything until half way through the book which makes this book a mystery. Each of the passages reveal something and we find more and more out about Melinda as the book goes on. Some passages were more important than others. I believe that the most important passage in Speak is “Giving Thanks”. I believe that “Giving Thanks” is the most important passage in the book because we find many things out about Melinda and her family’s relationship. In the beginning of the passage Melinda says how her mother is going to work as usual and that her father was going to order pizza, for Thanksgiving. She wakes up the next morning and noticed that her mother didn’t leave yet and her mother was making a Thanksgiving meal. Unfortunately things had gone wrong and they had to get rid of the turkey. Her father tried making soup which was awful apparently. At the end of the passage Melinda was correct; they were going to order a pizza. And that was what they did. The writer tries to explain in this passage is that Melinda and her parents do not have the greatest relationship and this passage reveals a lot that her life in ways is predictable. I chose this passage because it was interesting to me that Melinda had predicted the whole day which didn’t even happen yet. She ended up having pizza on Thanksgiving which isn’t the greatest thing to eat on Thanksgiving. This passage was very ironic since Thanksgiving is about giving thanks. In ways this...
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