Speach on Propagtion

Topics: Plant propagation, Seed, Plant reproduction Pages: 3 (1027 words) Published: April 25, 2013
Speech 1-Propagation
Anyone with money can purchase plants, but part of the fun of horticulture is to start your own. That is where Propagation comes in, it is the reproduction of the parent plant, using several different methods. There are five methods of propagation, seeding, cutting, division, grafting, and layering. The most difficult form of propagation is grafting. A lot of people probably think this is dumb or boring, but I think it is neat. Most people think the only way to grow plants is by seed, but you can also use leaves, and stems. Sean Russell says” Plants naturally use several different methods to multiply, from seeds to spores to shoots. Gardeners looking to speed the process along can propagate new plants from cuttings. Cuttings are a part of a plant's roots, branches or leaves that, when cut and properly rooted, can begin to grow a new plant of their own -- effectively cloning the parent plant. This method of creating new plants can be practiced with a range of plants from flowers to trees.” The main purpose of propagation is to produce more plants just like the parent plant. There is two types of propagation, sexual and asexual propagation.

Sexual propagation starts with a seed formation. In sexual propagation, there is direct seeded plants and not direct seeded. Direct seeding is a one-step planting method in which seeds are placed permanently in the spots in the field they where they will germinate, grow, and go through the entire reproductive cycle. Direct seeding plants include peas, corn, melon, bean, beet, lettuce, carrots, and lima beans. Indirect seeding is a two-stage process of establishing plants in the field. Some Indirect plants are tomato, cabbage, eggplant, pepper, parsley, cucumber, and onion. Sexual propagation just uses the seeding method.

Asexual propagation is when plants are propagated by any material other than seed. The Arizona master gardener says “The major methods of asexual propagation are cuttings, layering,...
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