Spartan Economy

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The Spartan economy was mainly based around agriculture and these focused on three main classes. It was not just dependant on the slaves (helots) like the other Greek city states but were divided into serf-like helots, Spartiates and the perioikoi. The Spartan economy meant two things, the system of wealth creation and the state of the country’s prosperity. The economy had four vital features, natural resources, economic objectives, distribution of land and the roles of the Perioikoi and the Helots. The features come together and achieve the economic objective which was mainly to sustain a military dominance.

Economy has a strong influence on the slave class (helots). They had the worst status and gruelling jobs. Helot families were granted land from the state and work here while the Spartiati was on military duty. The helots mainly worked on farms and looked after the land. They were the property of the Lacedaemonian government but compared to other states they were quite privileged. They had the right to sell their production on the market for a profit and furthermore engage in cottage industries to earn extra money.

The perioki performed jobs such as mining, manufacturing, commerce. They mostly devoted themselves to industry and trade. They were the manufacturers, merchants and craftsmen of Lacedaemonia. They had there own standards and customs which meant they could pursue any trade they liked. They also built and manned most of Lacedaemonia’s ships, therefore they contributed to Sparta’s political and economic side of things. They also contributed to the military by providing troops to the army and supported Sparta in the time of war. They weren’t restricted by the Spartan laws and traditions to a strict lifestyle but could rather enjoy there life.

The Spartiates needed to produce two things, they had to maintain the household and to make contribution to the mess (Syssition). They had to contribute barley meal, wine, cheese and...
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