Spartacus: Blood and Sand

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  • Published: May 4, 2013
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Spartacus:Blood and Sand
* How is ancient Roman civilization represented in the series as a whole, or inside a particular episode? * Which significant visual elements are employed to that end? * Which relevant historical references are interspersed in the series? * What is the general characterization of ancient society under the Roman rule, in it? * Which values, behaviors or words make up some of the characters' identity as ancient Romans? * How are the themes of power and decadence represented and emphasized in the series? * Is there any reference in the movie to historical, cultural or anthropological connections between ancient Romans and modern-day Italians? * How was the series received by the viewers?

* Is there any evidence, in their comments or reactions, of the way the series influenced their view of Roman civilization?
Ancient Roman civilization is often used and adapted in theater arts and various other artistic mediums to portray a story or convey a message. In these instances the audiences are looking at a representation of the ancient Roman civilization and can often assume or question whether or not this is the way society was in the past because after all, seeing is believing. The Starz original series Spartacus: Blood and Sand is a historical drama based on the life of famous Thracian slave turned gladiator Spartacus (Played by Andy Whitfeild ) who led a slave rebellion(Third servile war or slave war) against the Roman Republic from 73 B.C. to 71 B.C. which is said to inspire various revolutionaries such as The Spartacus League which was a left winged Marxist revolutionary movement created during the first world war in Germany. In this essay I will discuss the way Spartacus: Blood and Sand represented ancient Roman society as a whole. Ancient Roman civilization is portrayed in the Starz original series Spartacus Blood and Sand as a whole as a sort of civilization with a culture very representation, defiance ,order ,power and entertainment for the masses. There are several similarities such as the concept of upward mobility of those who are live lives less desired by their ambitions. The most notable character to represent the struggle of rising to the top is Lentulus Batiatus (Played by John Hannah) who is the master of the ludus that Spartacus is being trained in and aims to work his way into the senate by gaining the favor of those in power by use of his gladiators, his wife and throwing parties, a concept still active in the world today for those who would see themselves rise to higher titles in politics, place of work or even amongst their peers. A viewer might watch the series and think that ancient Roman society is very much like society today with the same struggles but with the exception of certain things that are considered expectable. For example in the series the character Barca (played Antonio Te Maioha ) is a well-respected gladiator within the ludus and close friend to Crixus a Gual (played by Manu Bennett) is an openly homosexual male and even have open sex with his lover Pietros and does not receive any form of animosity for it whereas now even though steps are being taken to working toward the end of the discrimination of homosexuals it is not so accepted. Audiences believing this to be an accurate portrayal of ancient Roman society may believe that in the past people were less judgmental on sexual deviants or perhaps that they were so comfortable with it that it was not considered a deviant at all after all Greek mythology hero Hercules was known for his sexual prowess with both men and women. It conflicts with modern western culture and Italian civilization now, because we are still working toward accepting homosexuality. Greetings are also seemed to be more passionate between friends than in western society between women for example where Lithia (played by Viva Bianca) and Lucretia (played by Lucy Lawless) kiss each other on the lips. In western...
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