Sparknote Motifs in Bro' Man

Topics: Poetry, Stanza, Tercet Pages: 4 (1442 words) Published: February 4, 2011
DATE: October 25, 2010

The poems “ORPHEUS “and “EURYDICE” by Margaret Atwood speaks of the love shared by a Grecian Male called Orpheus and his wife Eurydice. It tells the readers how Eurydice was manipulated into loving Orpheus through his singing which was used to hypnotize both gods and man.The story then goes on to Say that they were married soon after but before the marriage was consummated Eurydice was killed By the viper of a snake, and was sent to the underworld [a place where life continues after death]to Spend the rest of eternity there. It starts by telling of how Orpheus travelled to the underworld in an Effort to bring his wife back to life. To do this he will need to manipulate a god “PLUTO”, the king of the underworld himself. The poem “ORPHEUS (1)”and “EURYDICE” by Margaret Atwood gives us a glimpse of what What the underworld is like. The title “ORPHEUS (1)”speaks of some sort of Greek mythology and tells What The poem is supposed t be about .It tells that the stanzas which follow will be about a male Grecian Therefore the readers will initially get the impression that the poem will be told from Orpheus’ perspective, however, upon reading further you will realize that the poem is not being told from his perspective but from that of Eurydice the love of his life’s perspective. The numerical value of One which can be seen in the title shows that this poem is just the beginning therefore makes the Readers aware that there is much more to come.

However in contrast the title ‘Eurydice’ speaks of a female Grecian who is the wife of Orpheus and probably the love of his life. As in the case of the poem ‘Orpheus’, one would think that the Poem would be told in Orpheus’s perspective but upon further readings the reader will realize that the Story being told by the speaker is...
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