Spark Innovation Through Empathic Design

Topics: Design, Creativity, Observation Pages: 4 (1130 words) Published: April 1, 2013
Spark innovation through empathic design

1. Why is limited the customer’s ability to guide the development of new products? Customer’s ability to guide the development of new products and services is limited by their experience and their ability to imagine and describe possible innovations.

2. What do you mean by empathic design?
Empathic design is a set of techniques which is used to identify customer's needs that themselves may not recognize or which they never mention. Empathic design help designers develop ways to satisfy those needs.

3. What are the differences between empathetic and traditional design in which information processing is concerned? Traditional researchers use text or numbers to spark ideas for new products. Empathic designers use text of numbers but also visual information.

4. Which of the two types of design is more multidisciplinary? Why? More multidisciplinary is empathetic design because demands creative interactions among members of an interdisciplinary team. While traditional design gather data in relative isolation from other disciplines.

5. What does it mean that customers get used to the usual conditions? Customers get used to the usual conditions means that customers are so accustomed to current conditions that they don't think to ask for a new solution (even if they have real needs that could he fulfill). Sometimes because of the habits, customers can't be capable of telling market researchers what they really want.

6. What is social desirability?
Social desirability is to put knowledge of the technology together with what can be found when observed people and to create product which will have totally different use.

7. Can designers of surveys influence on their results? Explain your answer Designers of surveys can influence on their results because they construct the questions in such a way to get the expected response. They have to contend with respondent's tendency to try to please the inquirer...
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