Spare Parts

Topics: Human anatomy, Automobile, Tram accident Pages: 3 (1212 words) Published: November 26, 2012
Spare Parts
In the United States, drinking and driving is a major concern in today’s society as about thirty-two percent of total traffic deaths involve alcohol (Hanson). To prevent people from driving under the influence, many slogans and advertisements are used mainly to encourage driving carefully. One advertisement made by the car manufacturer BMW is found in Public Interest Magazine and promotes safe driving with the message “Don’t Drink and Drive.” The visual in this advertisement is a bare right leg of a man and next to where it should be the left leg of the man is a prosthetic leg and foot. On the right side of the visual image the advertisement reads: “Spare parts for humans are not as original as those for cars.” At the bottom of the page it states, “Don’t Drink and Drive” along with the BMW logo. This BMW advertisement is an effective and reasonable way to prevent people from drinking and driving because it shows the negative consequences of getting into an accident, such as losing a leg, and it promotes safe driving. In order to prevent people from drinking and driving, the car company BMW uses this advertisement to promote awareness of the dangers and negative outcomes. Many consequences can occur when the driver is not able to realize what is going on, drifts off the road, and gets into an accident. This BMW advertisement only shows one possible injury of an accident where the man in the visual has lost his leg and it was replaced by an artificial one. To promote the message “Don’t Drink and Drive,” this advertisement shows that it is extremely dangerous and can cause injury, amputation, and/or death. Some severe types of injuries can potentially cause people to lose their leg, other body parts or even a life as a result of a car accident. It affects the viewers who see this advertisement because they do not want to turn the picture into reality now giving them the choice on whether to do the right thing and drive safely or not. From seeing this...
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