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Background History to Spartacus - The Servile Wars (Slave Uprisings) During 135 BC and 104 BC the First and Second Servile Wars, or slave uprisings, erupted in Sicily. These wars started with small bands of rebels but were joined by tens of thousands of slave followers wishing to escape the oppressive life of a Roman slave. Much of the Roman economy was based on the slave trade. History of Spartacus - Why Did Rome Fear him?

Why Did Rome Fear Spartacus? It is estimated that the number of slaves in Roman Italy, at its peak, was about one and a half million which was about 25% of the total population. However the Fist and Second Servile Wars did not particularly concern those living in Rome. Sicily was quite a distance away - too far to worry the Romans. Third Servile War (Gladiator War or the War of Spartacus) was different. This slave uprising threatened the very heart of Rome. In the period that this famous slave lived it is estimated that about 1 million people lived in the city of Rome and that of these about 400,000 were slaves - it is therefore no wonder that the name of Spartacus struck terror into the hearts of Romans. When was Spartacus Born?

When was Spartacus Born? Good question - difficult answer! The Romans documented the slave rebellion led by the Roman slave but naturally the authors of the day wrote about their own commanders and their victories, so factual information about Spartacus is somewhat limited. So back to the question "When was Spartacus Born?” The most popular date given by historians for the year he was born is 109BC. Where was Spartacus Born?

Where was he Born? According to Plutarch "He was a Thracian from the nomadic tribes". Thrace was a region of northern Greece and one of the earliest enemies of Rome. Did Spartacus have a Wife?
Did he have a wife? Plutarch refers to a wife of Spartacus as follows, "They say that when he was first taken to Rome to be sold, a snake was seen coiled round his head while he was asleep and his...
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