Spanking in America

Topics: Buttocks, Corporal punishment in the home, Spanking Pages: 2 (933 words) Published: October 2, 2008
a.Spanking Your Kids
b.Spanking has been a major factor in our society over the years. Spanking has been known to be the most effective way to managing behavior. Some people think that if you don’t spank your children, they will grow up being disrespectful and disobedient. However, some parents believe that spanking their children is the wrong form of discipline. Also some people think that if you don’t spank your children they are at a higher risk of going to jail. c.I believe that spanking your child is a good form of discipline. When a child is growing up, he or she doesn’t really know right from wrong. A child can try to get away with almost anything. But if you enforce spanking, that child will eventually learn right from wrong. Many parents try to communicate with their kids and tell them that they are misbehaving. That method doesn’t seem to have an effect on children. Plus you should never apologize to them because they have to know who’s in charge. d.I know growing up in my household; I would try to sneak Band-Aids out of the store. My mom would always tell me to always ask if I wanted anything, but I loved the thrill of being sneaky. So one day she looked in my coat pocket and found a box of Sesame Street Band-Aids, after we had left the store. She was furious with me and decided to spank me. At that time I was mad at her and I thought that she was wrong for spanking me, but as I got older I realized that I should have been punished. I think that if I hadn’t been punished when I was younger that I would try to steal things today. e.Spanking can help in many ways. It can teach a child to have great manners and learn the right things to do. This day in age, kids are all around us. You can’t go to the grocery store and not see a child being spanked or crying because they want something. It is an embarrassment for parents to be out somewhere and their child is acting up or throwing a temper tantrum. Other parents would begin to question their...
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