Spanking Children

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Spanking of Children

In today’s society, there is a fine line between spanking your children being a normal disciplinary action. Why spanking is an effective form of punishment for children? They need to be discipline; all parents know children need limits and boundaries. This method should be used on a child if only they have misbehaved. People who never spank their kids, usually end up being immature and disrespectful to everyone around them. According to the article, "How kids feel the swats of spanking","research shows that up to 90% of parents spank their children, at least occasionaly". Today celebrities, teachers, doctors, etc. are beginning to side with the statement that spanking is a good form of punishment for children. In fact, some people who consider spanking as abuse and refuse to use it on their kids, about eighty percent will be grown up running around their parents, spoiled and expecting everything to be in their own way.

First, spanking is not cruel and unusual punishment, as long as it is not done out of anger. It is used only after other techniques have been tried and is used only to grab the child’s attention. After that, it is perfectly fine to use spanking as a form of punishment. It is always best to spank the child only on the child’s clothed bottom and only with an open hand. Spanking will help them grow up to be respectful, responsible, well behaved and will end up being a joy for everyone to be around. Those who have been spanked always turn out fine, just don’t over due it. For example, using belts, switches, slaps, spoons paddles or worse on them. The behavior of the kids will start to change once he or she realizes what they have done is wrong, and that is what cost them to get spanked.

Secondly, kids will always be in some kind of trouble, no matter what or how well they were treated, kids will be kids. They will learn from their mistakes. Spanking to punish them will help the future behavior of the children. A good age...
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