Spanking Argumentative Paper

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  • Published : March 26, 2012
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Writing Project 3 English 111G



It is no doubt that parenting especially has become even more of a challenge. Reflective of modern society, the changes are evident that in the last several decades the behaviors, mentalities, and ethics of this new generation have not been for the better. For this reason in addition a few others, I still believe that spanking is an acceptable form of discipline as long as you always explain why and how many spanks to the child. As I explain my view and supporting evidence on this controversial, nearly outlawed practice, as well as a few of the opposing views. For parents who are on top of their child-rearing knowledge, there are several wellknown psychologists connected to the issue of spanking. In support of appropriate spanking, Robert Larzelere, Ph. D., is a psychologist who has been researching the affects of spanking for over 25 years. He has turned the heads of many with his dedicated research particularly when a couple of cynics recognized his hard work by stating “given a relatively 'healthy' family life in a supportive environment, spanking in and of itself is not detrimental to a child or predictive of later problems” (Rosellini and Mulrine, 1998). Another psychologist known to many is John Rosemond, psychologist and author of the book To spank or not to spank. An interesting fact is that John Rosemond is a 1971 graduate of Western Illinois University with a Master’s degree in psychology. Western Illinois University is 40 miles from my hometown. Nonetheless, the American Academy of Pediatrics discourages spanking heavily although many pediatricians themselves spank their own children (Mahoney, 2005). I personally support appropriate spanking for many reasons. Many of my reasons surround my personal beliefs and my upbringing, which include the ever-continuing decline of society, religious/spiritual guidance, structure, and the individual child to name some. Both my



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