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Elise Stafford
Child Development – Professor Homen
Pros and Cons to Spanking
Spanking is a form of punishment that is very controversial among today’s parents. It is described as hitting a child on the bottom with an open hand. There are other similar forms of punishment, one known as paddling, which is when a child is hit on the bottom with an object other than the hand. With different categories and different severities of this topic, there of course are many different opinions of the topic.

There really are not any pros to spanking. It is either done by parents who strongly believe it is an okay form of punishment or it is done in a last resort sort of way. The only positive outcome is that “a spank once or twice in a child’s life is not going to have lasting harm” (Gershoff), says Dr. Elizabeth Gershoff from the University of Texas. It does not teach the child how to go about correcting their behavior for the future.

Several cons have been associated with spanking. It is said that “the more kids are spanked the more likely they are to have mental health problems, like depression or anxiety, even suicide or suicidal thoughts. They are more likely to be delinquent, aggressive, or have negative relationships with their parents” (Gershoff). One of the more troubling associations – The more kids are spanked the more likely they are abused. Abuse starts out with spanking and parents can get out of hand.

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