Spanish vs. Ottomans

Topics: Ottoman Empire, Ottoman Dynasty, Balkans Pages: 2 (695 words) Published: March 25, 2013
When empires expand, they all have a plan in mind on how and why they want to expand. It can differ from religious, wealth, or power reasons. It can also be with areas surrounding them or land far away. Simultaneously, empires can use similar military techniques, ways of keeping people in order, or ways of keeping up the economy. During the time of 1450 to 1800, the Spanish Empire and the Ottoman Empire responded to their empire building similarly in the idea that spreading their religion was their first focus, while there were differences in their social and economic values because their regions required them to be that way. The Spanish and the Portuguese originally originate from the Iberian Peninsula where Christianity was popular. In an attempt to expand, the Spanish sought after America. They look at it as a land they could conquest and convert over to Christianity. The Ottoman Empire, who was originally Turkish rising in the areas of Anatolia and the Balkans, was founded under the religion of Islam. The sole purpose was to take Islam further. However, when they expanded it wasn’t like a monarch anymore but the sultans just handed power over to warriors. That way they could spend time adding more people to the empire instead of just fixing the government. The Spanish, on the other hand, were more hands on. They created institutions, taxed the natives, and had forced labor going on. Their focus was geared toward making their empire stable enough that they could conquer more natives, not having to worry about the government. The main difference was that the Spanish were more hands on while the Ottoman’s concern shifted to status. Around the late Eighteenth century early Nineteenth century is when hierarchy became a major issue for Spanish while the Ottomans fell into place. For both, the ruling class, the Europeans for

Spanish and the sultans for the Ottomans, was at the top of the hierarchy. Beneath there is where both empires differ. The Ottomans had...
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