Spanish Short Story

Topics: New York City, Espresso, Coffee Pages: 1 (325 words) Published: December 17, 2012
Cuento Corto

It was a cold December morning as Clara got ready for her long day at work. She slipped on her favorite red flats and let out a sigh. She had been thinking about how lonely she had been. She had lived in New York City for about three months after moving from Colorado for a new job. All she wanted for Christmas that year was love.

She had no friends or family living near her. She needed a change from the boring atmosphere of her life in Colorado. Her favorite coffee shop, Serendipity, was a few blocks from her apartment. As she walked to the coffee shop she hoped she’d see the stranger she secretly admired. That was the day her life changed.

As Clara waited in line to order her latte, she didn’t see the man she was searching for. After a few moments the bell on the door rang. Clara didn’t want to turn around to make it obvious. As she was paying at the counter she reached in her pocket but her change spilled all over the floor. After she paid she went to collect her change from the floor when she spotted a man who had begun to help her.

She was startled because this was the man she had been looking for. She couldn’t get the words out of her mouth to say “thank you.” As he handed her the change he smiled and asked, “rough morning?” She had responded with a nervous giggle. They got lost into each other eyes until the barista yelled, “medium latte!”

Clara went to pick up her drink and the man followed. He then said to her, “my name is Ben.” “I’m Clara,” she said hesitantly. To her surprise, he then asked her out on a date. Clara’s heart skipped a beat. This was the start to a new beginning for the both of them, and Clara got her Christmas gift.
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