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  • Published : November 23, 2008
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Autobiografy Statement

My name is Paola Castro. I am 17 years old, and this is my last high school year. Some peolpe say single mothers, fail rising their children most of the times. Because of their lack of the father role example. I defintively think that my mother did a great job representign both roles. If it wasn't for my mom, i wouldn't be so inspired to complete my goals. One of my biggest goals, is to graduate with honors. It would be such a huge proud for my mother and family, maybe because I am the third of my family to make it to the end of high school, and the second with honors. 6 years ago, i had to make the decision of my life. But at then i didn't realize the matter of it. I decided to come to this country just to try and learn something new. Couple of years later, i used to regret my decision. It was hard get accustumed to the culture and lenguage. After a while of frustations times, i learned the lenguage. Then the awards, good grades and congratualions of teachers to my mother came along, she was so happy and proud about it. Thats where i started to make plans for the future, and the feeling of being successful in life. When that happens she will stop working so hard. As a single mother i seen her struggle with jobs and economic situations. I promised my mom i'll reward every single thing she did. I don't only do it for that reason, i am aware that everything that i achive or fail becomes for my own good or joins the mistake lists. After all the dramas of moving from one place to another, i consider myself a calmed and focused girl. My father, a person that i would say don't know much about him. He always comments that i am a clone of his, but i desagree, i am sure that i got the talents, gallants of my mother.
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