Spanish Curriculum

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Syllabus Overview
STATEMENT OF BELIEFS Our geographical location, gateway to the Spanish-speaking Americas, and current regional and international economic trends and their implications for Trinidad and Tobago, create an imperative for strengthening and deepening the national capability in Spanish at all levels and has given rise to the declaration of Spanish as the First Foreign language of Trinidad and Tobago. Research and experience have shown that the infant years are the most opportune time to begin the learning of a foreign language and to develop an appreciation of and openness to other peoples and cultures. Beginning to speak a language at this level makes possible the acquisition of native-like pronunciation and fluency, supports the learning of the native-language and engenders confidence and willingness to use the language. Accordingly, with a view to laying the foundation for the establishment of Spanish as the First Foreign Language of Trinidad and Tobago, the Ministry of Education has mandated the introduction of Spanish at primary school level. PROGRAMME GOALS It is expected that the introduction of this programme of instruction will: • • • • • Develop basic oral/aural Spanish proficiency among primary-age students Create a greater awareness of Hispanic cultures, Spanish-speaking countries and peoples in the region Reinforce and increase knowledge of other subject areas through content-based Spanish language instruction (e.g. Social Studies, English). Foster a love for foreign language study in all students Enhance the levels of achievement in Spanish at the secondary level


SPECIFIC INSTRUCTIONAL OBJECTIVES Attainment of the goals stipulated above will be demonstrated by the students’ ability to: • • • • • • Ask for and give basic autobiographical information about themselves and others Identify and describe in simple terms familiar objects common to their home and school environment Express agreement and disagreement State likes and dislikes Ask for and give basic information about routine school and leisure activities Ask for and give basic information about selected aspects of local and Hispanic culture

SYLLABUS DESIGN AND INSTRUCTIONAL APPROACH The design of the syllabus is guided by the following principles: 1. 2. 3. Spanish learned at the primary level must anticipate and complement the secondary level Spanish curriculum Content and instructional activities must be consistent with the cognitive and affective developmental patterns, learning styles and interests of primary age children The development of cultural awareness is as important a goal as the development of linguistic proficiency

Complementing the Secondary Level Spanish Curriculum The syllabus has a cyclical-thematic structure which is intended to provide ongoing reinforcement of key concepts and structures across the various levels of instruction. The primary focus, especially at the lower levels, is on developing oral skills, acquiring core vocabulary, and ensuring that students view learning Spanish as an enjoyable, ‘fun’ activity, and not as an additional ‘examination’ burden. Building intrinsic motivation for language learning at this level is critical. Students must be able to draw upon the positive experiences of learning Spanish at the primary level and embrace the challenge of mastering more difficult syntactic patterns at the higher levels of instruction. Developing a strong capability in oral communication at primary level, a major goal of this syllabus, will


enable secondary level Spanish teachers to devote more instructional time to increasingly complex grammatical structures, the mastery of which is required to attain the higher levels of proficiency targeted in the for the secondary school graduate.

Types of Learning Activities Instructors are encouraged to make...
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