Spanish Culture Differences

Topics: Spanish language, Cuba, Nicaragua Pages: 2 (381 words) Published: May 27, 2013
El Salvador is located in the Pacific Coast of Central America, it is the smallest country in Central America. Cuba, officially the Republic of Cuba is a country in the Caribbean; the capital of Cuba is Havana.

Similarities between Cuba and El Salvador: Clothing: In El Salvador it is common to see females wearing a scapular, a shawl, or a cotton headscarf with outfits such as dresses. However, it is more common to see them in the average attire; jeans, cotton shirt, etc. The men are often seen wearing suits along with rural attire. In Cuba, you may see men wearing Guayabera shirt ( also known as a ‘Cigar Shirt’). Females will often be seen wearing the typical dress, jeans, cotton shirt. Though, the Cubans are very independent, it is not unlikely to see them wearing their traditional/native clothing. The clothing style in Cuba and El Salvador is extremely similar, both very laid back. However, both countries are proud of their heritage and it is common to see them wearing their traditional clothing.

Foods: Cuban food has a distinct taste with foods such as, tomato, vinegar, onion, garlic, peppers, white wine or beer. Common meals there are Arroz con pollo, Medianoch, Plátanos ritos, Lomo salteado, Fricasé de pollo, and Moros. Common foods in El Salvador are pupusa, chicharrón, yuca frita and panes rellenos. Pupusa being the most popular.

Culture: Cuba is a meeting point of European, African, Chinese, and continental North American, much of Cuban culture, especially Cuban music, is instantly recognized throughout the world. In El Salvador, the European influences are emphasized in the architecture of the colonial churches, museums and theaters throughout. Contemporary life in El Salvador is becoming similar to the rest of Latin America.

Spanish, Dialects: Salvadoran Castilian is defined as the form of Spanish spoken in the country of El Salvador. El Salvador is the only country in North and Central America to use the term Castellano or...
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