Spanish Armada

Topics: Spanish Armada, Philip II of Spain, Elizabeth I of England Pages: 2 (572 words) Published: April 26, 2013
1. Introduction

In July 1588 the Spanish Armada also known as “La Armada Grande” or “The Invincible Armada,” sailed from Spain to overthrow England. The purpose of this invade was to put an end to the long aggressive toward colonies and take back the possession of the Spaniards which was being lead by Queen Elizabeth I. The invasion turned out to be a huge disaster costing the Spaniards a fortune. 2. Why ? : Problems

Throughout the expedition many problems occurred to lead the Spaniards to a major fail. · When Francis Drake attacked Cadiz harbor he destroyed many ships that the Spanish were preparing for the Armada leaving them with less transportation and wasted a long process of work · The food and water on the new ships became unable to take because the new wood on the ship was left wet making the water sour and food rotten · There were soldiers that were stationed in the Netherlands that were supposed to be picked up on the way to England in order to invade the south coast of England, but there was no port to pick up the soldiers in the Netherlands, leaving Spain with less soldiers than expected or even more prepared to have · Two years before the Aramda, Spain’s Lord High Admiral, Santa Cruz had died. King Philip chose the Duke of Medina Sidonia to take Santa Cruz’s spot. Though Duke was very rich and successful he was nowhere near experienced as Santa Cruz; he had never even been to sea before in his life. This man who had no experience was supposed to lead the world’s largest naval fleet. · This first time the Aramada took off was in April of 1588. The squad encountered a horrendous storm which damaged many ships making it mandatory to turn back to repair them. · Spaniards need many weapons and ammunition. It was hard to do the transactions secretly because there was such big gross. Therefore the English got lead of the invasion that was soon to happen 3. Conclusion:

Due to the unpreparedness...
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