Spanish and English Motives for Settling America

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  • Published : March 28, 2013
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AP US History
1 July 2011
In the early fourteenth century, the Americas were home to natives who had lived there for centuries. They had created entire cities for places of worship. These cities were occupied by skilled mathematicians, architects, and astronomers. Thought they did make human sacrifices to their many gods, the natives were able to control their empire and keep it alive at least until the arrival of the European. On the other side of the world, Europeans were looking for opportunities of freedom, land, goods, and most of all riches. There was a high competition for the desired goods of India and China so Europeans began to search for easier routes that would bring them wealth. Spain was the first to discover and claim the Southwest Americas with the historical voyage of Christopher Columbus. Then a couple of years later, had John Cabot claimed the Northeast Americas for England. The Spanish and English differed in motives and benefits from the settlements that they had created in the seventeenth century because of how they treated the natives, colonized, and reasons of leaving Europe.The Spanish were thirsty for riches. Their main reason for leaving Europe was because of God, glory, and gold. Christopher Columbus’s accidental discovery had provided the right opportunity for the Spanish to achieve their goals. The natives welcomed the Spanish into their cities because they thought they were gods. When the Spanish discovered the vast amounts of gold in the area, they decided to conquer the lands and to gain riches and glory. Many natives died from the wars with the Spanish, but what really killed them was disease. Later on as the Spanish colonized southwest America, they brought Christianity to the natives. Missionaries tried to Europeanize the natives. Many Spanish men married native women and had European American children. In New England, the English colonies had different motives. Theirs was religious freedom. At first the natives and...
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