Spanish and English

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  • Published : March 24, 2013
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Spanish and English
To be successful people must speak the two major languages worldwide, Spanish and English. South Texas is a place along the border of Latino most people are Spanish-speaking or bilingual. The importance of speaking English is the most common language spoken in the Rio Grande Valley and everywhere. It has been playing an important role in education, which in my opinion is the most important language needed here. Nowadays people who do not know how to speak English don’t have bigger opportunities to succeed in life. High qualities need good understanding and speaking of English. The companies generally employ people with a degree and higher education. People are able to be more efficient in their jobs and the others who don’t know the language very well may have a lack of communication and be paid less money. The four counties which make up the Rio Grande Valley, Starr, Hidalgo, Cameron, and Willacy, also rank among the poorest in the nation. There are many reasons why someone should learn how to speak Spanish who lives in the Rio Grande Valley. We grew up learning just one language. For most of us our native language is Spanish. Right now it is important to learn new language. There are over 330 million people in the world that speak Spanish. That’s almost 1/3 of the entire world that can speak the language. Learning how to speak Spanish also opens up new opportunities for students who want a good career and a better future. Learning a second language is almost mandatory in most schools and colleges as well. Students usually have an option to learn, German, Italian, French, or Spanish.

The Spanglish language is when someone speaks Spanish and English at the same time. Some Spanish immigrants and their descendants use Spanish and English, changing words even in the same sentence. Ilan Stavans (2000) mentions “the reason is simple: Spanglish won’t go away; instead, as time goes by,...
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