Spanish American War Imperialism

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  • Published : November 14, 2013
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Imperialism has changed the face of America from a reasonable and agreeable nation to a country that kills for what they want. The causes of the Spanish-American War had a number of contributing factors. These included the struggle for Cuban independence, American imperialism, and the sinking of the United States warship Maine. Manifest Destiny has been an idea and inspiration for Americans since The Pilgrims. This agreeable land craving of buying without violence turned into America becoming addicts and always wanting more by using violence which began Imperialism. In the awaking of the Maine incident, Congress quickly gave $50 million to prepare the nation for war. Next, President McKinley wanted that Spain agree to a cease-fire with the Cuban rebels and make a deal of a permanent settlement with them. Spain finally agreed to the American demands. Two days later, McKinley actually went ahead and asked Congress for the ability to use military force to end the Cuban conflict. Essentially, this was a declaration of war. The United States conducted a short war against Spain in 1898. It was referred to by the Secretary of State John Hay as "a splendid little war." The fighting between the countries lasted about four months. Most of the actual fighting occurred in or near the Spanish colonial parts of Cuba.  Imperialism is the combination of the two thoughts, Manifest Destiny and violence. This belief had widespread support among United States citizens promoting Manifest Destiny, the growth of American and its powers to become a strong force that other countries would respect. As seen throughout history since the Native Americans Manifest Destiny had been around which was wrong even without violence. Buying other nation’s land is considered taking their land which is taking their home, their life, everything they have worked for to build the village and all the hardships is mostly destroyed. Using money and buying the land was just a quicker way and more settable...