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2.02 Suemi’s Story – Práctica

A. Answer the following:

1. Where do Suemi and her family live?
* A small village called “Dzitya”, which is located in Yucatan, Mexico.

2. What Indian tribe are they descendants of?
* The Mayans

3. What is their town like?
* Rocky, dry, and sunny. It contains markets and schools.

What does Suemi’s father do for a living?
* Artisan shop

4. Describe the ruins that Suemi and her family visited.
* Tall pyramids and carving stones. Some of the carvings on the stone are made to tell a story.

B. Write a short composition in English comparing and contrasting Suemi’s life with your own. You will be graded on accuracy, structures, and your ability to compare and contrast. Be sure and include the following:

* Food
* School
* Household chores
* Transportation
* Housing

After completing both sections, submit your work under assignment 2.02/Asignación.

My life and Suemi life are sort of the same. In the morning I get up at 6:30 to get for school, so does suemi the only thing that’s different is she doesn’t have a bathroom in her house, so she puts up blankets across the kitchen for privacy. She rides the bus in the morning but I don’t. Many people in the United States ride the bus in the morning too. For elementary in her school is from K-6 But for me its K-5. Every Monday morning there is a presentation of the flag, but for my school every day we have morning announcements where we say the pledge of allegiance. She learns English in her school and in the America we have an option of learning a different language. She takes the bus home from school and so do I. the only thing is her school is 10 miles away from her house. In Florida they built school around house, so everyone is close to a school. The food she eats is same as mine. Her chores are different from mine. She must get water, wash clothes, and feed the chicken. I don’t do any of that. Her...
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