Spanda Hall

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Above is the SPANDA HALL where BSP takes place.
"You can go through life untouched, you can play with life whichever way you want and still life cannot do anything to you, life does not leave scars on you. That is the miracle that we are working to manifest in everybody’s life." - Sadhguru If anyone would ask me tell me the most memorable moment of your life, I would name the Bhava Spandana Program(BSP) , those 4 days were the most magical moments in my life, which helped me see the other dimensions of life other than Eating,Sleeping,living,working . Im a hollow vessel now, the program has completely eliminated all barriers in my life like i was completely against people born on number 8, sometimes i wonder how can a person find such a transformation in 4 days , thats the grace of the guru, the Sadhguru. Sadhguru talks about his dream ' If I walk into the street within 100 meters I should find atleast one person who is living life to his full potential, a self realised person, such should be the occurance of meeting such people.' What a dream? It requires the grace of the guru, to live for his dream. The Food, the atmosphere, the clouds on top of the mountain, the bird chirping, the chilly nights that can make on go numb, the joint prayer before food, the experiments of truth, the list goes on endlessly. Its commonly said that everyone who attends this program will cry limitless and then rejoice too. Emotions flowing , heart cleansing,total acceptance of every living and non-living thing in the world requires the grace of the guru and total involvement of oneself in the program. How many of us have really stopped by and admired a tree in our neighbourhood, or a small shrub with deposits of dust from the streets? If you really want to understand life and live life to the fullest, i strongly recommend BSP. My salutations to my teacher Lalitha and Sadhguru for having blessed me with an oppurtunity to understand life, and the volunteers who with their effortless living emphasize the dream of Sadhguru. Living life to the fullest still lies in one's hands though one has understood different dimensions of life and to live that kind of a life requires awareness of the self and grace of the guru. It is my dream that I learn yoga from a living guru and I have searched myself endlessly in my deepest senses, the bath at theerthakund and the Dhyana Linga and the way Sadhguru touched my life is still like a dream to me. My Deepest desire to learn yoga from a realised master has finally come true , how can i express my gratitude and sense of oneness when I have experienced all as one. All I can wish for at this moment is let awareness become a part of thy self so that i experience and live life to the fullest forever until I breathe my last.

Two beautiful BSP sharings
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Megha tells about attending BSP in September 2009 (she also wrote a great poem!): For 3 days, we did things that would have made us look so crazy to the outside world. For 3 days we looked within ourselves and found ourselves not just inside but outside; in every person, stone and leaf. Even in the wind and clouds and the wonderful rain. My tears didn’t stop flowing for 3 day…I wasn’t sad, just overwhelmed by what I was experiencing. I felt so foolish for being the way I was and the way I had lived. I believed that looking inside means cutting off everything that outside provides because these outside forces are distractions. In the process I had really stopped living. As my tears washed off these imaginations and prejudices I had, something inside of me grew bigger and bigger to encompass everything that ever existed and allowed me to melt away completely. And here’s an excerpt from Eleanor:

Everyone’s experience of BSP is completely different. I experienced a wide range of emotions at BSP, from total exhaustion and a desire to go home immediately, to transcending that into complete peace and exuberant joy. By the end, I never wanted to...
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