Spain Political-Legal Environment

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Government and politics

The Spain Government is somewhat of a hybrid between a monarchy and a democratic government. There is a King, President, two vice presidents and prime ministers. There are also seventeen autonomous regions in Spain that are closely related to what we call the United States. I believe that the hybrid mix of government acts as somewhat of a backup because the King gets the final say and some decisions made by the other government officials are not binding. I believe that the democratic features come into to play if something happens to the monarchy. The President can be an heir to the thrown or elected. Formal trade barriers

Spain as of the early 1990s dropped their trade barriers. Span exports more than it imports. Therefore, they do not have a trade deficit. Spain does not have trade barriers because they encourage direct foreign investment. They encourage new investments in new industries. Spain is looking to gain new technology and new industries (Double, 1991). Therefore, Spain and its entire seventeen autonomous regions, which is the equivalent to states, are encouraged to invite foreign investments into Spain. Spain and the United States have had a love-hate relationship since the Spanish-American War. It is actually quite interesting that the Spanish lost all of their colonies to the United States yet each country has not really helped each other except in the business of the economy. An example of this is when three-thousand Americans volunteered to help in the civil war that Spain experienced ridding the country of their dictator Franco (, N.D.). However, beyond the three-thousand that volunteered the United States stayed neutral. During World War I & II when Americans were fighting, Spain stayed neutral. Other than helping each other in wars, the two countries are great business partners. It is believed to be because of the bitterness over the colonies (, N.D.)....
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