Spain and New World

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In 1490 there was no such country as spain, yet within a century it had become the most powerful nation in europe and within another century had sunk to the status of a third rate power. Describe and analyze the major social economic and political reasons for spains rise and fall.

Throughout history, as we study Spain we can clearly recognize high and low points in their success. In the fifteen hundreds Spain had no influence on European affairs, Spain essentially vanished out of Europe. However, within one complete century Spain had become not only a leading power but they also had a great sense of effectiveness in Europe. Spain experienced a Golden age with many social, economic, political aspects. On the other hand, within another century Spain plunged to the bottom of the ranks yet again. They had become a third-rate power mainly because of Spain’s own judgments and outcomes. Now in the 21st century we can undoubtedly notice the contributing factors to Spain’s rise and fall.

Socially, Spain was generally successful. From the marriage of Ferdinand and Isabella, which made Spain, they tried to maintain a culturally cohesive country. They mainly did this by expelling all other religions and strengthening Catholicism. Spain started deteriorating socially when we Spain’s middle class decline. Spain’s Middle class dwindled mainly because public opinion was that moneymaking was vulgar and undignified. This led to a large lower class. On the other side, we see middle class individuals with influence or connections thrive for jobs in nobility and social prestige. This is where we see a split and the middle class dissipates. In addition, many nobles trying to live a sumptuous life raised the rents to live on a farm, which was followed by heavy taxation. This caused peasants to leave the land and pursue a begging lifestyle.

The economic successes of Spain predominately led to their triumph in the sixteenth century. For the most part, discovering gold and...
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