Spain 1809 Poem Essay

Topics: Poetry, Soldier, French language Pages: 4 (1181 words) Published: May 14, 2013
Spain 1809 is a truly gripping poem. It’s not just a poem but a story that teaches you many things and this will explain everything that this poem is trying to expose to the reader. Its will go into every detail and analyze each stanza. Different techniques will be used like personification, similes, metaphors and much more. To quickly explain this poem tells of a Spanish woman during when the French invaded the Spanish. It is set in a small village named San Pedro and the villagers have fled away into the forest in hiding as a few French soldiers came to burn the village down. Unfortunately the Spanish woman could not flee with the village as she was to weak and ill, she was with an elderly woman and her baby. This poem really inspires you, it tells you about how brave this woman is and how not brave the soldiers are.

Stanza 4

The poet conveys the horror of war through a simile, which describes the wine look like there is a river of blood running down the street. Soon after the soldiers come to the village to take food for them they realize there is none and that the wine has been poured out onto the street and so the poet writes:

“The wine from goatskins, slashed and hacked, that sprawled like human dead.”

This comparison is effective because it shows that the villagers have been clever to pour out all the wine and burn all the food so they can’t take from the village. The villagers have thought that they do not want to help these French soldiers, so by giving them no food for when they come they are making things hard for the French soldiers. But it also explains about how it is like blood crawling down the street, so it shows that this is a very hurtful war and blood and bodies are everywhere.

Stanza 13

The poet conveys the horror of war through suspense and it shows that this is the turning point, when the French soldiers realize they have been tricked. A while after the French soldiers thought the wine was safe enough to drink, FL Lucas...
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