Topics: Spanish people, Catalan language, Interpersonal relationship Pages: 6 (1995 words) Published: December 9, 2012
Maria Vazquez

I have always wanted to visit Spain because this is one of the countries that in Europe where there are friendly inhabitants, a relaxed lifestyle, its cuisine, vibrant nightlife, and world-famous folklore and festivities. There is nothing better than visiting the country where “Running of the Bulls” began. Being able to visit Spain and learn how things can be the same but completely different from my home country, the United States. 


Spain is one of the most diverse countries. Some of Spain’s major cities, including its capitol Madrid, Barcelona, and Pamplona are what makes people love this country while they are there. Spain is located southwestern Europe between the Atlantic Ocean and the Bay of Biscay in the northwest and by the Mediterranean Sea in the east and the south. Madrid and Barcelona also happen to be the only two Spanish cities whose population is over one million.


Spain is just like any other country and culture. Spain, like any other country, has many cultural values. One of the few things that Spain values are the “Flamenco Dance”. The Flamenco is a dance which is around 200 years old and is typically guitar music. Flamenco is typically danced by women alone, although sometimes with couples. Spain is also big and how much they value their sports, especially soccer which to them it is known has “futbol”. There are many “futbol” clubs in their country and it also happens to be the most popular one they have. Although it may sound strange to those who do not nor have ever been to Spain, bullfighting is also one of their cultural values. It is a traditional and very popular; it is also considered to be a form of art since bullfighting has been around since Ancient Spain. Those who participate in the bullfighting are known as “Matadores”. Culture means everything to Spaniards. LANGUAGE

Most people believe that just because people live in Spain that they only speak Spanish. Not only do they speak Spanish but they also speak many other languages. The most prominent of the languages of Spain is Spanish, which nearly everyone in Spain can speak as either their first or second language. Officially speaking Spain is the official language there but people also speak other languages. In the regions of Galicia and Basque, Galician is spoken, Catalan is spoken in Catalonia and the Balearic Islands, Valencian is spoken in the Valencia regions and these all have official regional status. There are two other languages that are spoken in Spain which are not officially known which are Aragonese and Asturian. Language is diverse, not everyone is going to speak the same language in every region.


Body movements and gestures all have different meanings in ever country. It all varies. In Spain it is proper for men to cross their legs; it is considered unfeminine for women to. Eye contact may denote romantic interest. Stretch your arm out, with your palm downward, and make a scratching motion toward your body with the fingers to beckon for someone. The ok sign is obscene. Men and women always shake hands. Both men and women use the abrazo to greet; women may accompany that with a check kiss.



Here in the United States we have a different way of doing things, know what is appropriate or what is not appropriate. In other countries they can be the same as the U.S. but also quite different. Spain is an example of that. While greeting someone Spain there are certain things to remember. Greetings between two men is usually a hand shake while maintain direct eye contact, but if it is family or a good friend both men will engage in a hug. There are certain regions where a kiss on each cheek is exchanged. A greeting between two women is different. Both women, when they first meet, usually give a regular handshake with a simple...
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