Spain's Tourism Industry and Globalization Effects

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  • Published : November 8, 2012
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World Geography
Assignment #1:
Globalization Effects in Spain's Tourism Industry
Prepared for
Cesar Polvorosa Jr.

Global Business Management
Post-Graduate Certificate


Prepared by:
Victor Mendez

Submission date
September 24, 2012
I. Introduction
Globalization as a process can be described as integration and interdependence of world regions through the network of trade and communication links (Johnson et al. 17). Globalization implies complex changes that cannot be limited to one particular area or sector. Thus, it influences economic, technological and cultural aspects of our life. Globalization made it possible to exist in diversified homogeneity and effective decentralized market, to compress the globe without changing its size and to realize that progress does not always means improvement.

To analyze global impacts it is essential to identify major players and study examples which of them have been beneficiated from this phenomenon and which have not been able to make it yet, in this case we will study Spain's tourism industry, the main reason of this choice is because the new scenario of globalized economy, connected to structural transformations arisen especially from the incorporation of technology to tourism promotion and marketing, is forcing to rethink the traditional tourism development in this country. The maturity of the Spanish tourism system and the international leadership of its best products have to give support to convert the threats and existing challenges in new opportunities for the future and show a new face to a globalized world.

Spain is one of the undisputed leaders of world tourism along with France and the United States. The geographical and political context in which Spain is situated is unique, and favours it in an exceptional way. According to the UNWTO (United Nations World Tourism Organization) in 2007, 6.6% of the total of the world tourists...
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