Space Tourism

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Project Report Submission Guidelines

All the VII/VIII semester students are requested to note the following:


1. The Report should be typed in

▪ Times New Roman
▪ Font size 12
▪ Line Spacing 1.5
▪ Give 1” margin on top, bottom and right side of the page & 1.5” on the left side. ▪ Chapter heading : font type: Times New Roman , font size: 14 bold, uppercase ▪ Title, sub title : 12 Times New Roman bold

▪ The project report should have a minimum of 40 no. of pages and should not exceed 150 pages. Use A-4Size Pages.

2. For minor project report should be at least spiral bind. However, for major project department copy should be hard bind (Rexin or Plastic), rest two copies may be submitted in at least spiral bind. The Cover should be transparent.

3. Each group has to submit three copies of their final project reports (Self, Guide & Departmental copy).

4. Each group has also to submit the softcopies of the implementation (Code, executables etc.), final report (.doc) and final presentation (.ppt) in a CD.

5. The report that must be submitted to the Department should be a inkjet or laserjet printout, other copies can be made photocopied.

The Project Report should include the following:

1. Cover Page: Given below.
2. Title Page: In the given format (Same as above but placed as the first page after opening the report)

3. Certificate from the Department/ Organization : Must contain the signature of the project supervisor (s) with organization’s seal. (Format given below) 4. Acknowledgement : The Order of Reference is given below 5. List of Contents : The general list is given below


The order in which you have to address :

• Direct Guide/Supervisor/ Dept Head of the organization where the project has been carried out (for External Projects) • Supervisor from the Dept/Dept Head/Dept/Inst (Dept. of IT NEHU) • Any other person if you want to include

• Student(s)’ Name(s) and signature(s) and date (at the right hand side - bottom of the page)

Contents should include:

Abstract of the project: not more than 200-250 words

1. Introduction

General Overview of the Problem – in layman’s terms (minimum jargon) Literature Survey (if necessary) - Similar work or similar system Problem Definition – Formal
Analysis of the problem and the SRS
Proposed Solution Strategy (in brief)
Preliminary user’s manual
Organization of the report

2. Design Strategy for the solution:

Architecture Diagram: Block Diagram
Detail Diagram: DFD and /or Structure Diagram and /or A flow Chart and /or OOA and /or OOD and /or ER Diagram and relational model with schema diagram.

3. Detailed test plan.

4. Implementation Details
You can mention pseudo code for your algorithms. Please do not include any code.

5. Results and Discussions

6. Summary and Conclusion

Summary of achievements
Main difficulties encountered and how they were tackled
Limitation of the project
Future Scope of work
Any special observation

7. User’s manual

8. References/Bibliography: (Refer to a bibliography of any standard book).

Research based Projects Report Submission Guidelines
For Research related projects, the report should take the form of an article. The Project Report should include the following:

1. Same as above up to Abstract
2. Introduction: General Description of the problem area along with its relevance and scope for interesting works.

3. Literature Survey
4. Background/Formal definition of the problem
5. Proposed Approach
6. Algorithm
7. Implementation Details – system architecture
8. Experiments & Results
9. Analysis of the results...
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