Space Solar Power Station

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The treasure of clean energy –SPACE SOLAR
1. R. Sneha Lakshmi 2. V.Naga Prathap
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Every square meter of space receives 1.366KW of solar radiation which is beamed down to earth has been reduced to 250W per
square meter due to atmospheric absorption and other factors. This has led to the idea of setting up a space solar power station (SSPS) which can produce energy up to seven times that of earth. This study focuses on the main process of collecting, transmitting and receiving of the solar energy from space. The idea of construction of inflatable photovoltaic gossamer structures with concentrator lens or solar heat engines which collects, focuses the sun's energy on solar pods and transmits with the help of wireless energy transmission i.e. Microwave transmission (MWT) or by Laser

Beam transmission is examined. The idea of positioning of the receivers in deserts so that there is no interference in transmission and the main role of rectenna in conversion of energy is studied. This study discusses about the main technical challenge that is the construction of power satellites that uses electrical thrusters instead of chemical propulsion to move in the geosynchronous earth orbit, thus decreasing the total weight of the system by 67% and thus making it a low cost ecofriendly launch vehicle. The idea of robotics in SPSS for Installation, to Perform maintenance tasks is discussed. The role of Space mining involved in the manufacture of components of the SPSS and the safety involved from space debris are studied. When all this ideas are achieved then space solar power can completely solve our energy demand for long term.

The question arises here as why solar power generation in
space. Every square meter of space receives 1.366 kilowatts of solar radiation, but by the time it reaches earth, it has been reduced by atmospheric absorption and scattering; weather;
and summer, winter and day-night cycles to less than an
average of 250 watts per square meter. Space-Based Solar
Power offers a way to break the tyranny of these day-night,
summer-winter and weather cycles, and provide continuous
and predictable power to any location on Earth. Therefore
solar energy could supply all the present and future energy
needs of the world on a connecting basis. This makes it one of the most promising of the nonconventional energy sources.
The concept of collecting solar power in space for the uses on earth is known as space solar power generation. This method
is entirely different from the others since this resides as
orbiting satellites in space which has:
· higher collection rate
· longer collection period
Electric propulsion thrusters for spacecraft may be grouped in three families based on the type of force used to accelerate the ions of the plasma:
· -Electrostatic
The acceleration is caused mainly by the application of a static electric field in the direction of the acceleration. The
propellants used in electrostatic thrusters are krypton or noble gases.
-Electro thermal
The devices where electromagnetic fields are used to generate thrust.
-Electro magnetic
If ions are accelerated by the effect of electromagnetic fields where the electric field is not in the direction of the
acceleration, the device is considered electromagnetic. The
propellant used would be lithium in electromagnetic thrusters. Any one of the above methods can be used in launching the
satellites at low cost with high efficiency.
The solar cells would capture the solar energy, which is at
least five times stronger in space than on Earth, and beam it down to earth. The use of inflatable photovoltaic gossamer
structures with concentrator lens or solar heat engines...
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