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Topics: Exercise, Physical exercise, Obesity Pages: 1 (432 words) Published: April 19, 2011
My Relaxation Zone

My relaxation zone is a place where I can let out all my frustrations and feel much more at peace with myself. A place I feel I can go to relieve stress is the gym. My gym is on the smaller side so there is not much traffic running through to keep me distracted. In addition to the machines and weights there is a pool, whirl pool, and sauna that I use as well to keep me feeling very calm. You know the feeling you get when you have completed something? Perhaps a feeling of self-fulfillment! After putting in all the hours and energy into the gym I feel satisfied to relax knowing what I’ve accomplished. That’s what I feel like when I get out of the gym. These extra amenities add to the relaxation feeling after a hard workout. Physical exercise is one of the best ways for me to relieve stress by allowing my built up tension to be naturally dissipated. When I get to the gym I set a workout goal for myself usually on how many calories I would like to burn. As I watch my body change and slim down it encourages me and enhances myself-esteem. When I go to the gym I usually bring a partner. We can encourage each other throughout the workout and talk about anything that stresses us or just BS. If I am alone I bring my iPod and just listen to the music and focus on what I’m going to accomplish once finishing my workout. To me this time is like a detox of all bad energy. I also just started taking a yoga class. Yoga allows me to relax my body and mind. The gym reduces stress and anxiety in my life which intern improves my studies. It keeps me in balance and on top of my game.

Many students deal with stress in college, I am one of them. Trying to juggle college with your life can be difficult. Challenging classes, scheduling issues, and difficult tests and other academic obstacles are some of the many things students face. I am a single mom who has very little time to herself but in my spare time I like to have a place where I can relax. I fell it is...
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