Space Journey

Topics: Solar System, Earth, Planet Pages: 3 (1009 words) Published: October 14, 2011
It was the year 2201 AD. Gigantic preparations were in progress for the first manned expedition to Jupiter. A team of 150 astronauts had undergone rigorous training to travel in a spaceship called "Excalibur". They were instructed to fetch samples of all possible objects from Jupiter’s surface. The International Geologists Association were hopeful that they would find some metallic deposits in these objects and this would compensate for the diminishing quantity of metal available in the earth’s mines.

After the specified period, "Excalibur" safely landed on a plateau on Jupiter. Soon, the astronauts became engrossed in their work of gathering samples. Unfortunately, the region they had landed upon was a single continuous rock for several kilometers. So, it was decided to use the five mini-spaceships that were parked in the Emergency exit section of "Excalibur". Using these mini-spaceships, a group of astronauts could travel to nearby areas and explore Jupiter. In one such mini-spaceship "Eeely", 5 astronauts namely Erick, Emily, Herb, Mary and Nelson started their voyage towards the north pole of Jupiter. 

This strategy was working successfully and about a dozen samples of diverse rock types were accumulated. Suddenly, they noticed a very steep precipice. Herb had to elevate "Eeely" by a height of 2500 meters. However, what he saw atop the precipice caused a shudder in his heart. Over a relatively flat region on this mountain was another spaceship. Totally confused, anxious and curious Herb and his mates stopped "Eeely" at a safe distance from the exotic spaceship. A consensus was reached that Erick, Nelson and Mary were to approach this spaceship armed with laser guns, while Herb and Emily were to guard the mini-ship.

The trio circled around the spaceship and found no life or anything out of the ordinary, so they thought. There was a single door, through which they entered it cautiously. Inside there were numerous computer-like devices and screens....
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