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Vartouhi Spa is a business which provides services in terms of health and beauty treatment. We have a great future prospect as it is a necessity for customers especially women. Nowadays, women are fully considered about their beauty and wellness. Therefore we have established this company in other to fulfill the needs and help them to treat their health and beauty.

We provide a high quality performance of services accordingly with our mission to become the “Destination Natural Health Spa”. Our business has a very strong and skillful management with high background skill, knowledge and experience which related with the business. Our main of the business is to give Natural Health Spa services with lesser price with best quality than the other spas. Besides that, we do provide the highest level of services which we believe would attract more customers once they have gone through the experience at the spa. There were a competitors but nothing would scare us because of our advantages which are high quality, lower prices and optimum costumers delight.

The business’s main strength is the labours with skills in body treatment. So, as our business grow in the future, more workers will be taken in as they are our main assets. And more customers will come to our company.


Our mission in Vartouhi Spa to provide a comforting, yet stimulating, atmosphere in which customers will be able to relax both their body & mind are nourished, where your well-being is our first priority and our reputation for the highest-quality professional spa services assures you the best treatment experience.Vartouhi Spa will establish itself as a dependable destination to which they can always come to escape the stress of life, and rejuvenate their energies, their souls, and their lives.


• Become an established community destination by the end of the year one

• To create a service-based company whose goal is to exceed customer's expectations

• To increase spa awareness with current clients and new potential clients

Description of Products/ Services

Vartouhi Spa provide customers with personal beautifying and relaxation services and complimenting products. We offers a complete range of wellness-focused massage services, body treatments, and facials. Products are selected for the healthful ingredients they offer. Services are provided by licensed professional counselors, therapists and estheticians who are salaried employees of Vartouhi Spa.

Marketing Plan

A effective spa marketing plan doesn't have to contain a prominent actor, prime-time TV placement, top notch computer glossy prints or a considerable budget. Being resourceful and proficient can be just as adequate. Business advertising doesn't have to demand riches. Many times, it's individual tact and personality that seals the deal. Here’s the tactical plans, the 4P’s:

• Price
It is essential, therefore that the services firm engages in competitive pricing. We focuses on value pricing or perceived value. In other words, perceived value is the benefits customers receive in relation to total costs. It has shown that future intentions are determined in part by perceived value. In making the decision to return to the service provider, customers are likely to consider whether or not they received value for money. • Place

The place of Vartouhi Spa located at Tomas Morato, Quezon City is where the service is made available to consumer. It was ease of access which potential customer to a service such as location. • Promotion

It is a decision of how best to communicate the product to target audience and how to persuade them providing the needs of information and advice. A number of methods are commonly used by the encouragement of word-of-mouth recommendation;

✓ Local Advertising & Seasonal Promotions - Local newspaper advertising, local...
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