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Text-Messaging Support for UPLB SystemOne
Roinand B. Aguila, Sir Rommel V. Bulalacao and Prof. Rizza dela Cruz-Mercado I. I NTRODUCTION A. Background of the Study Communication is very important nowadays. We use communication to understand, learn and modernize ourselves. When we communicate, we are sharing information. Sharing of information can be local or remote. Short Message Service (SMS) is one popular way of communicating in a remote way. SMS [1] is a mechanism for delivering short messages from one mobile phone to another. It is a store and forward way of transmitting messages to and from mobiles. The message (text only) from the sending mobile is stored in a central short message centers like Globe, Smart, and Sun which then forwards it to the destination mobile. This means that in the case that the recipient is not available; the short message is stored and can be sent later. Each short message can be only up to 160 character. Currently we have many SMS is widely being used in our country because of its availability among almost all Filipinos. It is usually efficient in the field of academe and business. In universities, text messaging is being used for disseminating announcements and special events in the faculty and the students. Companies are also using it as a tool to quickly inform their employees about gathering and special events. B. Statement of the Problem In UPLB, text messaging is that popular with all the faculty and students having mobile phones. During registration students are always expected to be online and check the UPLB SystemOne site frequently about the current situation of the registration period. Among the many programs of the UPLB SystemOne it also shows the announcements, sends the initial schedule and waitlist a student to a course, with the waitlist strategy, he/she do not have for the time being. Once a student do not have an access in the internet, he/she will not be updated and might lost a chance to have a slot in a course. A faster and reliable way of spreading announcements and updating the students in the UPLB SystemOne needs to be developed. C. Significance of the Study A text-messaging support for UPLB SystemOne can lessen the problems encountered of the students and the developers of the system. It can give instant information even if you are not connected in the internet. It will also update the students waitlisted status from time to time. Then if there are Presented to the Faculty of the Institute of Computer Science, University of the Philippines Los Ba˜ os in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the n Degree of Bachelor of Science in Computer Science

any announcements regarding petition of subjects or problems encountered in the registration services you can go to UPLB as soon as possible you receive the text. D. Objectives Thus, this study aims to make a text-messaging support for the UPLB SysytemOne. It will be a very useful tool during the registration for the students. Specifically, the study aims the following: 1) To create an application for sending text messages; 2) To inform the students about university announcements; 3) To update students with their waitlisted status; 4) To create a Text-Messaging Support of the UPLB SystemOne; and 5) To improve information sharing in the university. II. R EVIEW OF R ELATED S TUDIES Mobile phones portability makes it easier for users to do their transactions anywhere thru call or a Short Message Service (SMS). With the SMS text, mobile phones are becoming more powerful. Text messages compare to other form of exchanging communication are more personal and sometimes it takes less to make. Many applications have been developed related to SMS systems. Also, some universities and companies are now using SMS applications. De La Salle University uses Wireless Information Service (DLSU WISe) [2] developed by DLSUs Information Technology Center. It informs the students,...
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