Sowk 543 Case Study

Topics: Social work, International Federation of Social Workers, Family Pages: 11 (3858 words) Published: April 15, 2013
Midterm Assignment SOWK 543

University of Southern California
Instructor: David Marsten
October 19, 2012

I. Study
A. Identifying Information
Client is a twenty -six year old African American female. She lives at home with her thirty-six year old husband and six year old son. Client is currently unemployed and is a stay at home mother. B. Setting

LKI family Services is a community social service program in Arlington Washington which provides social services as well as behavioral health services to low-income community members. The agency is a non-profit agency that is contracted with the county to provide mental health, chemical dependency and housing assistance. C. Reason for Referral (Presenting Problem)

According to client’s case record, client was referred by a friend to LKI Family Services this past spring 2012 for assistance. According to the program supervisor, client continues to require assistance in order to obtain self-sufficiency. The intake stated that this client and her family have limited resources and there are concerns that there is not enough food in the home and many times they do without water and electricity. The intake referral , who made the referral, wanted to help the client so that they would not become involved with the State welfare services and possibly child protective services. Client reports that both she and her husband needs to get a job or she will not be able to pay their rent. Client reports that the reason they have not been able to obtain employment is that they cannot find anyone who will give them a chance. According to client’s case record, a previous social worker had assisted both the client and her husband in locating positions however they were both unable to maintain employment due to low job performance and chronic absenteeism. Client records also state that this client had actually turned down several job offers. Client explained that she was “scared” about the job offers because she lacks an solid education and that because she dropped out at the eighth grade that she is concerned that she “doesn’t have what it takes” to succeed in those positions. Moreover, client presents with a high level of anxiety and seems overwhelmed by the stress of her situation. Client reports that she would like social worker to assist her in obtaining employment that she is qualified for. Client says she appreciates the assistance she has received from LKI Family Services and reports no negative feelings regarding receiving services through the program, she does state however that she really wants assistance in locating a position that she can feel comfortable in and feel productive. D. Client’s Description and Functioning

Client usually arrives for our meetings dressed in jeans, t-shirt and sandals that are quite worn; however, client appears well-groomed at all times. Client appears to be approximately five foot six inches tall with a hour glass figure. Client reports that she is Hepatitis C positive and is also HIV positive, however, she denies any other medical problems. Client reports that she contracted both Hepatitis C and HIV through the use of needles as she is a recovering heroin addict. Client reports that she just recently celebrated eight years sobriety. Client reports that when she learned of her pregnancy that her child could contract the diseases but at this time, the child has tested negative for both. Client reports no physical disabilities and is able to walk without assistance. According to client, she is able to communicate verbally with English but that her reading is at a very low level. Client discloses having a problem reading to her child because of her lack of education. While speaking with client I noted her ability to communicate in English well but when she was asked to read the disclosures and complete the intake she was unable to read, so this writer read to her. She asked what the definitions were of some of the vocabulary...
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