Sow for Edexcel a Level

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XxxxxxSara FurnessBusiness StudiesIssue 1July 2008

Edexcel Advanced Subsidiary and Advanced GCE in
Business Studies
First award 2010
July 2008

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Authorised by Roger Beard
Prepared by Sara Furness
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© Edexcel Limited 2008


Unit 1: Developing New Business Ideas3

Unit 2a: Managing the Business13

Unit 3: International Business27

Unit 4a: Making Business Decisions35

Student guide49


These schemes of work will give you guidance on planning the GCE in Business Studies. They are intended to help you plan the course in outline and give you further insight into the principles behind it to assist you and your students in succeeding in the qualification. It is in Microsoft Word, so that you can adapt and amend the schemes of work.

Unit 4a: Making Business Decisions

Suggested delivery/activity schedule

Topic 1: Corporate objectives and strategy

|Week commencing |Subject area |Activity |Resources | | |Corporate objectives |Students to use company annual report and accounts, company websites or Times 100|Activity sheet 1 — Corporate Objectives | | | |case studies ( to identify company mission statements, corporate|Additional activities: | | | |aims and objectives. Students should identify how corporate objectives have been |Information on aims and objectives: | | | |developed from the mission statement/corporate aims and critically appraise | | | | |mission statements. |Case study on mission and organisational objectives: | | | | | | | | | |Additional reading: | | |...
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