Soviet Afghan War

Topics: World War II, Soviet Union, Soviet war in Afghanistan Pages: 2 (455 words) Published: January 27, 2011
The Soviet-Afghan War was a 9 year skirmish that left Afghanistan more broken and corrupt than it was before. Devastating statistics include 1.5 million Afghan civilians dead, 90,000 combatants were killed and another 90,000 were injured. Soviet statistics include 22,000 killed and 75,000 wounded. Six million refugees were forced to leave their beloved homeland.

This country was in the midst of a civil war when Russians landed in Kabul, Christmas of 1979. The prime minister, Hazifullah Amin, wanted to do away with the Muslim traditions within Afghanistan and to put up a more Western front. The majority of the country are Muslim, so it caused a huge uproar within the civilians. Guerrilla forces were up against the government. After some time, the government was beginning to break. This is when the Soviet forces stepped in.

According to, the invasion of Afghanistan was a product of Marxist expansionism, the desire to spread communism by any means. Afghanistan was a continuation of the way the west saw the expansion of communism. It was looked upon as Russia's very own Vietnam, which spoke about the brutality used and the set back it had caused for religious freedom and for the women, which had been making progress, little by little. Russia wanted to keep Afghanistan's Communist leaders in power, by whatever means necessary. The Russians had claimed that they were invited by the Amin administration, and that the Mujahideen were in the wrong, that they were the terrorists.

The Mujahideen was a guerrilla force that had bounded together to defeat the Soviets. One advantage that the Afghan forces had over the Soviets is that they knew the mountain regions way better than the Soviet forces. Another advantage they had was the Russian tanks, were almost impossible to maneuver up the steep mountain ranges. While the Afghan guerrilla forces had old rifles, and knowledge of the area, the Russians had better technology for their...
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