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Southwest University Foreign Students Admission Information
(2013-第 1 稿)
I. Introduction
Southwest University (SWU) is a comprehensive and national key university sponsored by China’s Ministry of Education. SWU was founded in July, 2005, by the amalgamation of two formerly independent universities, Southwest China Normal University and Southwest China Agricultural University. It is one of the "211 Project" universities (top 100) which get preferential support in their development and construction from the Chinese Central Government. SWU originates from the East Sichuan Teachers College since 1906. SWU covers a wide range of majors including philosophy, economics, law, pedagogy, literature, history, science, engineering, agronomy and management. There are 32 Schools in SWU. The university now offers 5 state level key disciplines, 37 provincial/ministry level key disciplines, 18 postdoctoral programs, 21 first class Ph.D disciplines, 1 professional Doctor’s program, 46 first class disciplines for Master’s programs, 19 professional Master’s programs and 105 bachelor's programs. SWU is known nationwide for its teacher education and agricultural researches. Majors in pedagogy, psychology and agriculture enjoy distinguished predominance in China; and the research of Silkworm Genome is top in the world. A great deal of creative research fruits have been achieved in the fields of Zero Tillage Cultivation, Silkworm Genome, Education and Psychology of Southwestern Minorities, and Human Time Cognition, etc. Now the total number of the students at SWU has reached more than 100,000, 50 000 of whom are full-time undergraduates and postgraduates. There are many international students from more than 60 countries or regions studying for their bachelor’s, master’s, doctoral degrees or for their further studies at SWU every year. SWU is located in Chongqing municipality, the central city in the Western China Development Project, and an ideal place for study in China as it boasts the Three Gorges, Furong Cave, Fairy Lady Mountains, Dazu Stone Carvings and Spicy Hotpot which enjoy worldwide fame. As one of the universities designated by the Ministry of Education to accept Chinese Government Scholarship students, Southwest University has been enrolling international students since the 1950s. Most of the international students at SWU are now majoring in Chinese Language and Literature, Pedagogy, Psychology, Economics, Business in China, Chinese Minorities Studies, Life Sciences, Food Sciences, Agronomy, Fine Arts, Chinese Martial Arts, etc. The qualified international students at SWU are privileged to get “Chongqing Mayor Scholarship”, “SWU President Scholarship” and “SWU Excellent Overseas Students Scholarship”.

II. Programs offered:
The International students have the following options of programs at SWU: Undergraduate or graduate diploma-granting programs: Bachelor’s Degree, Master’s Degree and Doctoral Program.
Visiting students programs (non-diploma granting): General visiting students, Senior visiting students.

Short-term language programs or study tours concerning Chinese culture and tourism, martial arts, and business in China, etc.

Programs in detail and study duration:
1) Schools, Colleges and Majors for Undergraduate Programs (4 years) Number

Name of the schools or colleges



College of Political Science and Public

Public Administration
Administration Management
Political science and Public Administration


School of Marxism

Ideological and Political Education
International Economics and Trade※
Business Administration


College of Economics and Management

Management of Human Resources
Tourism Management
Management of Farming and Forestry
Social Work


College of Culture and Social Development

Cultural Industry Management
Labour and Social Welfare
Pre-School Education


College of...
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